What is Akasha Think?

I was reading the latest Newsletter from Tapping the Source and found two articles of interest from Dr. Ervin Laszlo on the Akasha Paradigm.

For complete article in The Huffington Post, posted July 10, 2012, click on link below:


For 2nd article in Tapping the Source click below:

Both of Dr. Laszlo’s books can be found at: www.akashaparadigm.com
The Akasha Paradigm

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Pilates & Belly Dance Instructor, Cellist, Yoga Practitioner, Designer--but at the same time, I am none of these...why be limiting?

2 thoughts on “What is Akasha Think?

  1. kaiolohia says:

    Love this article. Out of the 16 Akasha think ideas, I resonate most with 4,6,7,10 and 15. These ideas are a part of my everyday thinking and are also a part of my everyday working process. My new goal is to work on incorporating number 12 in my daily thoughts. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Yes his constant reference to being one with nature, the world, our family, society…I have always felt interconnected and a deep affinity with people and also nature from a young age. And like you Steph, I’d have to say #12 is something I have been working on myself over the last several years. I unfortunately found myself caught up in the brainwashing to consume, consume, consume. You read and hear about it and we all know that “Money can’t buy you happiness,” but somehow that hamster wheel turns so fast it’s hard to step out of it. In some ways, I think I purposefully deconstructed my life as a lesson. I also feel it is of great importance that we do our part in taking care of this world we live in and coexisting in a non-competitive and giving environment.

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