I’ve made the commitment to join this “Holiday Fat-Off”. I highly recommend following Meagan’s blog. She has great advice and info about nutrition, exercise and weight loss!! I love Meagan. She was my trainer who prepared me for my wedding in 2008. I was in the best shape ever with her. It was the first time I actually developed “snow cap” shoulders! And I was balanced in strength, endurance, flexibility and power! I have fond memories of boxing, kickboxing, running up stairs, TRX, push-ups, push-ups, push-ups and pull-ups too! The workouts were always fun and always challenging. I looked forward to them and never missed one session! Follow Meagan.mcbain@wordpress.com as well for general health and wellness tips and information. She’s Amazing!


About Dr. Stephanie

Holistic chiropractor, Applied Kinesiology, NET practitioner, Quantum Neurology, NFH practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, Myofascial Release Therapist, Functional Medicine, Personal Trainer

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  1. Steph, thanks for sharing Meagan’s post. Eating 45 minutes after waking is advice well taken. I started doing JUST that this morning! I knew it was important to eat breakfast and what to eat (which I learned from you), but never paid attention to the 45 minute rule. I also found her Alcohol post insightful regarding what and when to drink if you decide to drink. Happy hour it is!!!!!

  2. Meagan definitely practices what she preaches – her body is the epitome of health! ok, i’m in! i’m joining the Holiday Fat-Off Revolution too! my goal will be to remove myself from sweets and carbs. i went for years, i’m talking years of not being the least bit interested in carbs or sweets. During my pregnancy i had changed my diet radically. I’ve slowly allowed myself to be lulled into the sweet siren calls of those cookies and biscuits and I’m ready to give them up again! Thanks for giving me motivation, Steph and Meagan!

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