Good Vibrations!


Photo courtesy of / The Calmes Trio at National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

A few months ago I was walking my sweet dog Tashi in Kerobokan, Bali wondering if each note had a specific healing property as colors, gemstones or flowers do.  On one level, I already knew music could be used for healing.  Suzanne McIntosh, my cello professor at the University of Kentucky, retired from the university my senior year to pursue a new career in music therapy.  Her CD she released, titled Healing Journeys, is original music created to stimulate self healing. I hadn’t given it much thought beyond that.

Today I started researching.  I came across this article  by Kathryn Rateliff Barr on the vibrational energy levels of certain musical frequencies.  Stay tuned for more…

Musical Tones to Raise Vibration

By Kathryn Rateliff Barr, eHow Contributor

Every person is an energy being. Energy from many sources affects your physical body, emotions, mental process and spiritual life. Those wanting to raise their vibrational energies can choose different ways to accomplish this, such as crystals, musical tones, meditation and flower essences. The nine Solfeggio frequencies played with tuning forks lift the vibrational frequency during meditation. You can listen to each frequency separately or listen to a composition that combines them.

  1. Foundation

    • The foundation tone begins at 174 Hz and focuses on connecting you with God or a higher power. The tone reminds you that God exists everywhere; separation from God is an illusion.


    • The next tone on the scale vibrates at 285 Hz. The note focuses your mind on the connection with all that is material and a part of your environment. Use the connection to acknowledge your part in the world and then allow it to fade as you move your focus within yourself.


    • At 396 Hz, you can liberate your mind and spirit from fear and guilt. These emotions hold you back and keep you trapped in patterns that do not serve you. Sink into the tone and open your heart and mind. Allow the healing tone to gently expand within you and replace fear and guilt with love and hope.


    • When the fourth tone resonates at 417 Hz, unhealthy emotional patterns begin to dissolve and unchain your mind and your body. You see the way to change, and you can follow the path to a healthier emotional life. You see old patterns that kept you in turmoil. You desire to stop wandering in an emotional wilderness and move to a healthier place.


    • According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz in “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love,” at 528 Hz healing occurs. Focus and surrender to the tone and allow your body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate and regenerate. Feel healing energy flow through your body, bringing new life and divine health to all parts of you.


    • At 639 Hz, relationships connect and reconnect. You feel more at peace in your world. You have more patience with others and you can share your love and energy with them. You desire that all people live in peace.


    • Your mind is open to divine wisdom at 741 Hz. You feel an expansion that opens your intuitive energies. You see answers and solutions you never considered before.


    • At 852 Hz, you experience unconditional love and a return to spiritual order. Your whole being resonates with love and peace.

    Total Connection

    • Fully connected to God at 963 Hz, you have reached the pinnacle.


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