Laura told me BUTTERFLIES are said to be symbols of transformation. I found him sitting outside on the floor of my balcony and walked past him several days without collecting him. Finally, then, I decided to bend down and pick him up. I figured, if he hadn’t blown away he must still be there for a reason.

Central Asian, Aztec, Zaire, and New Zealand cultures associate the butterfly with the soul, even Christianity depicts Jesus holding a butterfly in Christian art. They are said to represent soul journeys, journeys we all take through the course of our lifetime.


About Melissa Jeanne Calmes

Pilates & Belly Dance Instructor, Cellist, Yoga Practitioner, Designer--but at the same time, I am none of these...why be limiting?

2 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Laura says:

    when you told me about that beautiful winged friend out on your porch I was like hellooooo, she’s a reflection of you, your state of being. what a year you have had, i don’t think i will recognize you when i see you this summer! we’ll have to admire each other’s wings…

  2. Aaahhhh yes indeed…haha let’s do that Laura!! You know, it has been quite the year on all fronts. I don’t regret a minute of it though. I feel I have a purpose for what I am doing and that it is leading me in the right direction for ME. And who is to say what is at the end of the road..nothing is ever permanent so opportunities abound!

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