Spring Giddiness

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I saw the daffodils out at my Dad’s place on the river this morning, bending their heads under the snowy blankets, almost as if hiding, looking content to sleep just a bit longer.  Rumi’s poem reminds me that even though it may feel comforting to cross back through that doorway and lay in the warm comfort of what we know, there is a whole world out there to experience.  Spring brings with it an infectious energy that I know I can harness, acting as a catalyst to propel me through that doorway into those new growing spaces in my life that I have been trying to hide from.  And even before I spotted the daffodils, I seemed to be doing the same thing as they just as the sun rose.  As i lay in bed under the warm and cozy covers looking out at the beautiful lake just outside my window in the pale gray morning light, with the soft snow floating from the sky (like the small dancing particles in Rumi’s poem), i kept telling myself that it was time to get up, get moving.  But I was somewhat paralyzed by the comfort of my bed, not wanting to shock my body by the cold morning air.  I kept telling myself, “just another minute, just another minute…”, but meanwhile, i had a list of projects calling my name, to get me started towards my new life, projects that i never seem to have enough time for during the week.  I literally had to say out loud – get out of bed Laura, get moving, here’s your chance! and i’m like nooooo, i’m so warm and cozy, but at the same time incredulous that i was having this battle with myself.  ha haa… So, to commence with Spring, no more “thinking about it”, let’s throw back the blankets together and start creating the life that we LOVE.  Spring is here!


About Laura Susan Calmes

Yoga Instructor (150 hr RYT), Bellydance instructor, Choreographer, Violinist, Color Healing Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Mother, Food Lover

2 thoughts on “Spring Giddiness

  1. I adore Spring. It has always brought a new hope and new creative energies to me. March is also our birthday month and together with this, Spring always has the ability to wields it’s power over me. Power to be excited, to quest after new things and to just be excited about the simple yet exquisite beauty of nature!! Your photo speaks a thousand words Laura and I am always entertained by Rumi’s musings.

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