About Us

I’ve decided to start a blog with three of my best friends. The idea had been in transit for a while, one of us would mention doing a group blog here and there in texts, emails, Sykpe sessions and phone calls.  Finally, we agreed to go ahead and commit and do it. So here we are!

We will talk about exploring all kinds of things. We will discuss the ups and downs of: life, love, career and family. We will ponder the things we are doing for fun, our personal struggles, our defeats, our wins, our dreams… ultimately we will discuss our own journeys.

While trying to find the main focus of our topics, I reflected on our conversations. For the most part, no matter how they started, our  conversations inevitably would come full circle to us wanting to love to live, to live our life’s purpose and to see those we love find true happiness as well.

So, the intention of this blog is to journal our thoughts and experiences and add some facts, links and information centers for those who want to explore further. Each of us will be giving a different flavor of what we’re going through now, where we’ve been and where we are hoping to go. The four of us are on our own personal journey; however our desired destination is the same. We want to attain higher consciousness,  live and breathe in the moment and find true bliss and happiness.

What makes one want to do this? Well, everyone has different reasons, different perspectives, different things that drive them. This is what we will be discussing.

For the four of us Our goal is Universal. Our goal is to achieve optimal health and wellness by finding balance, attaining harmony and self-acceptance and living beautifully with pure joy and love in every moment. It sounds easy and maybe to some, a little cheesy, but whatever you think of this it’s yours for the taking. We are simply here to put the information out there. Information=Knowledge=Choices.

So… Journey with us!


Dr. T

” The Journey IS The Reward”.




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