Spiritual Wellness

Chakra of the week: ROOT CHAKRA

Root chakra- spins at the slowest rate of all the major chakras

Color association: Ruby Red

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine at the perineum where the Central Vessel and Governing Vessel originate.  This is also the area where the kundalini rises, where the chi or prana rises from the spine to the hypothalamus and produces spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Relates to issues with: finances, career, home, fears about having one’s physical needs  met, physical safety and security and material possessions.

Possible physical signs of an imbalanced root chakra: low back pain, sciatica, radiating pain down the leg, varicose veins, immune weakness, constipation, hormonal imbalances, hemorrhoids or shifting weight from one side to the other often standing on one leg.

If the imbalance is on the right side, this may indicate challenges with masculine energies (dad, brother, male boss, etc.) or issues such as: putting up boundaries, standing firm, feeling grounded. If on the left side, this may indicate challenges with feminine energies (mom, sister, wife, aunt, etc.) or issues such as: developing creativity, nurturing relationships, sensitivity or compassion.

Root chakra life lessons revolve around how we feel we are doing in the physical world with our materialistic needs and possessions. Chakra spin, color and size will vary depending on if we feel grounded or secure and stable.

If our root chakra is dirty in color, smaller or bigger than the other chakras that could be an indication of: Fear, Insecurity, Low Self-Esteem, Worry, Anger or Greed.

The element associated with the Root chakra is  EARTH. Working with soil, gardening, planting, walking barefoot are all therapeutic ways to enhance and balance the Root chakra.

Foods that enhance the Root chakra are: beets, cherries, plums, strawberries and cabbage.

Gemstones that enhance the Root chakra are: garnet, ruby, red jasper and black tourmaline.

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