Laura Susan Calmes

Let me begin with saying how elated i am to be sharing this blog with my 3 loving sisters – 2 birth, one soul.  Through my eyes and the vantage point from where i stand looking in, i feel the 4 of us embody the meaning of Kaiolohia on many, many levels.  i read that girls, having chosen or been given this Hawaiian name, tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and quick-tempered with magnetic personalities.  They typically are humanitarians, broadminded, generous, nurturing and follow professions where they serve humanity.  These traits fairly accurately describe the 4 of us, and I could throw in, and maybe should throw in some of our challenging traits, but we are focusing on our stronger, healthier characteristics here.  There will be time in our blog over the coming months and years for these other characteristics to surface and unfold — no hiding, we promise!  🙂  Over the last 20 years, our lives have intertwined, wrapped and unwrapped, intersecting in dynamic ways, very special to each of us. And the most exciting part is that we are all in a brilliantly challenging, and beautiful metamorphosis in the moment — each of us as individuals, and collectively as a group, moving towards a life purpose that expresses the basic attributes of Kaiolohia.  We are embracing this space without reservation or hesitation (most of the time! we are, of course, human and don’t pretend to be anything but earthly sprites in the moment… hee hee).  i have learned so much from my soul sisters over the years… Melissa, with her blazing, inventive entrepreneurial mind; Beth, with her bold out there here i am personality and her ability to create a comfy nurturing nest,  selflessly enfolding anyone into it; and Steph, with her ultra feminine girl power and quest for health, proper nutrition and vitality.  i couldn’t have brought more colorful people into my wolf pack (remember, first there was 1, now there are 4), even if i had handpicked them consciously from all around the World.

So, where do i fit into this puzzle of life, let me try to express.  Living in a world where life moves at amazing speeds and pressures mount on our backs bending us like poor Atlas, we as a human race find ourselves folding under these daily pressures, making unhealthy choices due to the stress, forgetting who we are, our purpose here, how to properly care for our bodies and how to enjoy and love life.  Simple life, simple thoughts, child-like in nature, but layered with rich experiences and pure joy moves us in unbelievably expressive and creative ways.  Connecting to a quiet space within, or our “kaiolahia”… our calm sea, is where the genesis of all healing begins.  Repairing ourselves from the inside out, bringing our vibrations up to speed so that we are one with all particles beaming around us, a seamless integration and exchange of light and energy.  Guiding people to this healing space, no matter how tiny a step forward, is my purpose and contribution in this moment.  Drawing from a variety of disciplines, to include over 15 years of a personal yoga practice and a 150 hr-RYT last year, dance and movement, color, visualization, meditation, affirmation and intuition my mission in helping others to heal is 3-fold:  (i) teaching self-love, appreciation and compassion because we have to start within to effect a change without, at which point we can begin lighting those around us, (ii) raising human consciousness through healing personal relationships, emotional blockages and general physical and mental dis-ease and discomfort and (iii) assisting seekers to discover their higher purpose and guidance in manifesting their vision so as to find meaningfulness in life and a reason for existing every single day.  We all want to know that we make a difference, and without knowing what we offer or how we positively affect others’ lives, sometimes we give up on our own life.  It’s the spark that energizes us, because it connects our hearts together, bringing renewed love, energy and connections.

If i can help others manifest the life they are meant to live, in any small way, and bring love, meaning, happiness and laughter back to those that have forgotten how sweet life can be, then i am fulfilled.  And if i can be that tiny light that sparks someone towards their dream, because god knows i have received rich guidance and education from many teachers and mentors around me, i would be equally happy to help “light them up”!  Speaking from my own experience,  earning a living for the last 15 years in a job in the cold hard offices of Corporate America has me exhausted and burned out, leaving me frustrated and unhappy on many levels.  Knowing finally, that i am meant to use my talents and vital energy where they are better appreciated, more effective, and provide support for others in meaningful ways, is such a relief.  i will be making a difference, not just a living supporting myself and my son, having abundance in all areas of our life.  My personal struggle of bridging this financial gap, where i feel finances won’t support a career change wondering quite often if i should just throw myself over the edge of the boat into the dark sea and be done with the notion.  But deep down, listening to that tiny inner voice, keeps me safe and dry in the boat, knowing the sun is just about to rise over the expansive horizon shedding soft light over the calming translucent blue sea.  i have renewed faith.

So as you might deduce, this last part of my life hasn’t been easy, it’s taken me years to arrive at this chosen spot where I have finally grasped a branch of knowledge, one branch, or maybe two from the giant tree of life.  And I say chosen because remember, we have the free will to put ourselves wherever we want to be, we are the co-creator of our lives.  We have to remember it takes time to root and ground ourselves before we can begin to climb up though the branches.  This work, so close to the ground can seem like a struggle, but it is the labor we put into the soil that bears the yummy fruit higher up in the tree.

…thus, we arrive at our inner bliss, ananada.

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